Covid-19 Protocols

    • In the event of a studio closure, classes & drop-ins will be rescheduled. No refunds will be given for classes of drop-ins missed due to COVID-19.
    • If you wake up in the morning and are feeling even slightly unwell, we ask that you cancel your drop-in or mark yourself absent for class. If you are feeling even slightly off please do the considerate & kind thing and reschedule your session. Entering the studio with ANY type of illness is unacceptable and you will be asked to leave.
      • We facilitate you to organize a Make Up if you have marked yourself away on 24 hours to your class start time. If you mark yourself down less than 24 hours a Doctor's Note is necessary to qualify for a Make Up. Make Up's are based on the honour system, and we do not guarantee that you will be able to Make Up a class.
      • Information on Make Up's is provided in the Welcome Email.
    • During your class, workshop and drop-in, check in with the Supervisor/Instructor immediately upon arrival.
      1. When you arrive please check in with the Supervisor // Instructor, and immediately wash your hands.
      2. If you need to touch your face please wash your hands before & after. There are tissues and paper towels available, or you can bring your own towel to help save the planet!
      3. Each student will share half of a shelf with another student. Your space on the shelf will be labeled. Please keep your clay, tools and ware boards on your shelf for the class. If you need additional boards & plastic you may get them from the tool shelf.
      4. There is medical grade disinfectant available in the clear bottles with the grey nozzle, and our logo on them. This is safe to be used on your skin (on anything you may be touching.) It is recommended that all Studio tools & equipment are sanitized prior to use.
      5. The doors and windows may be kept open through the class to improve air circulation as necessary.