Moon Phase Tumbler

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"You are the Moon to my Ocean..."


This 16oz (approximately) tumbler is handcrafted in my studio in Vancouver, BC. Each one is made from start to finish on my potter’s wheel. They are comprised from a black porcelain, which evolves as you love it. With washing the unglazed exterior becomes silky smooth. This version has a lovely velvety matte finish. The mugs are hand painted with 18k Gold, because of this I recommend that they are hand washed & dried and not used in the dishwasher.


Ships in 1-5 business days.



Please note that this item will not fit the silicone lid we sell. The tumbler may get hot to the touch if boiling liquid is poured inside all the way to the rim (i.e. tea, americano.) Please allow an inch or two at the top to hold onto the item, and if you are sensitive to heat perhaps consider using for lattes, or wait until the water cools slightly to hold or drink (caution contents are hot!) Hand wash & dry. Microwave & dishwasher use is not suggested, as machines vary widely. Avoid extreme temperature changes. The silicone lid will relax as you use it. Never tip the cup or use without ensuring the lid is properly applied. To apply the lid, place cup on counter with lid on top. Hold the cup with one hand, and with the other gently press down on the edge of the silicone, securely fastening the lid to the rim and ensuring there are no gaps.

Be cautious with your item, as even a gently knock can cause a hairline fracture causing the pieces to rupture later when the particles expand after pouring hot liquid inside. All pieces are check for strength & durability prior to shipping. To check if you have a hairline fracture, place your item on a counter (no rubber components attached) and flick your finger on the rim of the piece. If it rings, your item is safe! If it creates a dull or clanking sound you likely have a fracture.

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