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At Community Clay Inc. our main objective is to enable a “safe space for people to creatively express themselves.” This is succeeded through providing a space that is physically safe, emotionally supportive, and creatively encouraging.


Community Clay Inc.’s core values are: Community Collaboration Creativity
At Community Clay Inc., our wish is to create a space that everyone feels welcome, and feels safe in. We are more than a pottery studio just offering classes. This is often a space where people come to decompress, to let go of the stressors in daily life. Where people can come to express themselves and their experiences. Sometimes this means holding space for an individual going through a tough time; showing empathy and kindness for their experience. By building these relationships we are able to foster collaboration and co-creating. Every individual that walks through the door is an essential part to the community, regardless of circumstances, history or experience. We strive to provide an opportunity for everyone that wants to be part of our community. Through Collaboration, we can facilitate Creativity and discovery. While a lot of people who come to the studio have little or no experience, we can set them up for success by providing them with essential skills in throwing mindfully and efficiently and providing a safe and supportive space for them to develop their practise.


Our studio is located close to the Cambie St bridge, close to public transit and bike paths. We offer contractural work OR guaranteed employment for long term personnel with the option for benefits. We have a holistic approach to developing and supporting our team, with emphasis on supporting our bodies with a physically demanding medium and our mind/creativity. We work with our team to create roles that support all levels of engagement; our goal is to create positions that allow each team member to -on their own time- develop their own practice (no more working in 39 studios just to pay the bills.)

Current Positions:

Ceramic Instructor

    • Role & Responsibilities
      • As teachers we are also students. We have the opportunity as a team of Instructors for co-creating and discovering amongst ourselves.
      • Instructors are responsible for maintaining a positive and supportive learning environment while also educating students & clients on Studio Protocol.
        • Focus on our classes is on thoughtful and efficient making; learning the fundamental skills of making and then pushing the boundaries of understanding of the objects we create.
        • As educators we are responsible relating our responsibility of the environmental footprint have as ceramics artists; and consideration of the object's permanence.
      • Instructors are able and encouraged to submit proposals for new contracts and courses to be offered by the Community Clay Inc. The Studio will consider proposals based on schedule availability, demographics, community need and other variables.
  • Required Skills and Attributes:
    • Please note that except for unique circumstances, post secondary education with focus on Ceramic Arts is mandatory for our Instructors.
    • Strong interpersonal, organizational, problems-solving, and communication skills with demonstrated success working with interdisciplinary teams and building strong relationships and partnerships
    • Strong analytical, problem solving and decision making skills
    • Demonstrated adaptability and flexibility in dealing with multiple priorities while remaining efficient in responsibilities and time management 
    • High emotional intelligence: Ability to empathize with customers, co-workers, and management. Understands and can relate to multiple perspectives.
    • Ability to effectively communicate, both oral and written, and interface with management and clients

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