Studio Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you require masks or proof of COVID-19 vaccination?
    • We do not require masks or vaccine passports.
  • Who are members and how can I become a member?
    • Take a Course with us! Current Students are able to attend Drop In's as part of your Course. Once your Course is over you will need to get on our waitlist to obtain a Membership. Info available here.
  • What are Drop-In's?
    • Drop-In's are a 3 hour self-guided practice at the studio. We strongly reccommend attending one Drop In each week during your Course to practice. This will help you learn faster; we've noticed a significant difference in the learning curve for those who attend Drop In's. For full details please read through our drop-in page
  • How can I book a drop-in? 
    • Students will be emailed instructions on how to access Drop-In's after their second class. 
  • Can I bring my own clay?
    •  Only clay purchased from the studio may be used.
  • Can I bring my own glaze?
    •  During your first Course only our glazes may be used. You may attend an Intermediate Glazing Workshop to learn how to properly use outside glazes in our studio.

Classes and Workshops:

  • When does the class registration open?
    • Registration generally open every 8 weeks, for the latest update follow us on instagram or subscribe to our email list -scroll down to the bottom of the site- be notified. 
  • How long are classes? 
    • Each class session is 2.5 hours generally running once a week for 6 weeks (6 sessions total.) You are welcome to come 30 minutes early to get settled and talk to your Instructor, instructions will be in the Welcome to the Studio email.
  • Can I register my kids or teens? 
    • Occasionally we offer classes or workshops for kids or teens. Check our Courses & Workshops Collection to see current availabillity.
  • What is your refund policy? 
    • Classes and workshops are non-refundable. If we are able to refill the spot we will issue a refund minus a $50 administration fee.
    • What tools should I bring to class? 
      • Basic tool sets include a wire cutter, trimming tool, pin tool and metal rib. You may also purchase from us, instructions are in the Studio Welcome email.