Make Up Classes

Creating an Account

You were enrolled in our system using the email address that you registered for the Course with.

Please click the "My Account" button in the schedule widget (not the shopify site.)

Select "Create your Profile" using the same email address that you registered on our website with. 

If you already have an account on the MindBody:

1- Using the same email address you registered in the Course with, click here for instructions on how to add our business to 'Places You Go' 

2- With a different email address than you registered in the Course with, please create an account with the email address for your pre-existing Mindbody account by clicking "My Account". Please then email me, so that I may merge the account we created for you (using the email you registered in the Course with) and your pre-existing MindBody account. This will allow Community Clay bookings to show up in the app. 

To Manage a Make Up

In order to be eligible for a Make Up, you need to cancel the booking 24 hours prior to the Class start time to receive a credit. Credits are valid only within your Course Schedule and may be scheduled before or after the missed Class. Availability of make ups is dependant on another student marking themselves away so that you may take their spot. If you are going to miss a class please cancel your booking so that Make Ups are available to others. 

Tap 'My Account' and then 'Schedule' to show bookings.


 Press cancel, and wait for the screen to refresh. 

Navigate to Passes and confirm that the pass is available.

You may now exit from the "My Account" page and use your credit to book a Make Up. Check that the booking says at least "1 of 8 open" otherwise you are on a waitlist.



Schedule your Make Up Class on the App

I recommend only using the app if you are already familiar with it, as it does not filter the different types of classes, and may be hard to see what you are looking for. Using the page above is simpler, and easier to navigate.

To schedule a Make Up on the app, please navigate to "Profile" and then "Schedule." Cancel the day you are going to miss, and then navigate to "Passes." Your Pass for the Course will only show up if you have credits to use, ie after you have canceled a class 24 hours prior to the class start time. If you cancel within 24 hours you will not receive a credit.

Select the class you wish make up. Click the 'Pay with' button if you wish to change your payment method (ie. to the pass of your Course.)

Choose your payment method.

Congratulations, you're booked!

How to see your Membership & Account Credits

From the app on your phone, tap 'Profile' and navigate to 'Passes.' Unused will read as 1/1, 3/3 etc. If it says 2/3, this means 2 of 3 passes are left remaining.


Please confirm your availability prior to booking. If you are sick during your course, you may use this page to organize a make up class. This is your responsibility to manage and the studio does not guarantee a makeup class will become available to you. You are eligible for a Makeup Class if you remove yourself from your registered day at least 24 hours PRIOR to the missed class. This allows for someone else to take your spot, which is how Make Up's are available. If you do not mark yourself as away 24 hours prior you do not qualify for a make up. Makeups are available during the duration of your Course, and may be completed before/after the Missed Class (you will need to remove yourself from the day missed prior to booking to have the credit available for use on your account.) Make ups are not permitted in Drop In Studios, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you miss a class due to COVID-19 the Missed Classes Policies are in effect, no exceptions. If a class is cancelled due to a closure because of COVID-19 the class will be rescheduled. No refunds will be given, no exceptions.

If you're signed up and no show or late cancel, this counts as your Make Up

Hope this helps!