To be eligible for a Membership you need to have:

  • Taken an Orientation with us, next one is June 3rd, 2023


  • Taken a six week course with us
  • If you have experience from outside our Studio, emailed and been approved for Studio Orientation & Membership
    • please email for inquiries

To view our Drop In and Glaze Workshop schedule click here.

Drop-ins are a 3 hour, self-directed practice available to studio members with active Membership, or students while you are enrolled in a class. Membership is required to have access to Drop In's after the course is over. We currently have a waitlist for Membership. Membership is monthly, with an automatically renewing billing cycle (you don't need to renew, it does this on it's own.) If you exceed your Drop In's included in your Membership, additional Drop In's can be purchased/scheduled at $25+tx. Clay must be purchased through us.

The Base Membership has a half shelf, and 3 Drop In's included. You may attend Drop In's in anytime during the billing cycle. This provides flexibility for travelling, and comfort knowing that your shelf will be there when they get back. You may cancel at any time prior to the next billing cycle, as long as your shelf is cleared out.

The Base Membership can be used in tandem with a course.

The Member Plus has a full shelf, versus the Base which only has a half shelf. We created this tier for people who don't want to commit to the Gold Membership but want a little something more than the Base. This is designed for members who maybe want some extra space as they develop their skills. 

The Gold Membership includes 2 x taller shelves and extra space to store your clay, and items to be fired. There are unlimited Drop In's [within reason.] The Gold Membership is geared for people who might consider having their own studio space. It's located in an exclusive Member Gold area which is not as busy and is more private. This Membership saves you all the work of setting up a studio space (investing in your own glaze lab; buying and maintaining a kiln; worry about plumbing etc.) There are no limits on the number of items you can make, as we will fire additional pieces at cost. We figured out the average amount of kiln space and related that to the cost of membership. Items from this tier are also the highest priority for going into the kiln (ahead of classes and all other Membership levels.) 30 days notice to cancel this level.

Base Membership $95+tx*

  • 3 Drop In’s included
  • Additional Drop In’s $25+tx
  • 24” x 18” shelf space in the Drop In Room
  • Drop In’s are valid for the current billing cycle
  • Three month initial commitment, and then cancel Membership by the 15th of the month, prior to next billing cycle

Member Plus $145+tx

  • 3 Drop In’s included
  • Additional Drop In’s $25+tx
  • 48” x 18” shelf space in the Drop In Room
  • Drop In’s are valid for the current billing cycle
  • Three month initial commitment, and then cancel Membership by the 15th of the month, prior to next billing cycle
    • $20 discount on 8 week Courses.

    This Membership level is the same as the Base Membership, except you get a full shelf on the shelving unit, instead of half.

    Gold Membership $300+tx

    • Unlimited Drop In’s
    • Access to an exclusive Gold Member only work area
    • TWO 48” x 18” shelf space 
      • This shelf is taller to accommodate larger work than the Base Membership or Member Plus.
      • Tip: Create a sub shelving system to accommodate even more work!
    • Separate Shelf for Gold Member's to put work to be fired (Greenware & Bisque) separate from the general studio & students
      • Helps avoid items getting knocked or broken
    • The equivalent to an entire 21”x 21” x 5” Kiln Shelf per month ($80 value)
      • The equivalent of this space, could be taller pieces!
    • Additional Kiln space available at cost
      • $50 discount on 8 week Courses
        • Minimum 3 month Membership, $25 one time setup fee
        • Drop In’s are valid for the current billing cycle
        • Cancel Membership with one month notice; 
          • To avoid additional charges, please ensure that your shelf is vacated prior to the next billing cycle.

        As a Gold Member, you get a $50 discount on the course you're enrolled in! (Class Shelf space not included.) You receive a discount to account for the fact that you already have a shelf space in the Gold area. 

        If you are wanting to secure a shelf space outside of the Course Schedule you will need to sign up for a Membership Program for the day after your Course ends. Please email us ASAP to get on the waitlist.

        Our goal is to provide a more flexible schedule in the event that you are away from the studio for a period of time, without giving up your spot. You are able to schedule your Drop In’s at any time during the month, meaning you could come to three Drop In’s in the first week, and then leave your items while you are on vacation for three weeks, and come back for the next month! You are also able to cancel all Memberships with notice, and come back to the studio when your schedule allows. The Membership program also eliminates costly procedures for us. This means that we can afford to invest in other areas, like maybe hiring additional personnel to be present to answer questions and be a point of contact for members. (If you’re interested in joining our team, let us know!)

        Glazing is not permitted in Drop In's and must be done in Glazing Workshops $20+tx. If you do not need any assistance glazing to may do a 'test' in a Glazing Workshop to get special permission to Glaze on your own outside of Glazing Workshops. Firing for one wareboard (half a shelf in the kiln) approximately 3" tall of work is included in Base & Plus Membership, two wareboards (one full shelf in Kiln) for the Gold Membership. Additional firing is available at a discounted rate (L x H x $0.10)

        To sign up for Membership please email us.