Glazing Workshop

Glazing Workshops are now posted once a month, generally at the beginning of the month. We post anywhere from 4-8 Glazing Workshops depending on how many firings we can schedule, as we don’t want the glaze items to sit around for too long. This helps avoid the glaze on your pieces getting bumped, and confusion for you as to when you should pick up your work.

Please note that all purchases are final, and will not be refunded so confirm your availability prior to booking. If you would like to waitlist, you will be purchasing a credit for a Glaze Workshop. If you don’t get into the one you waitlisted for, your credit will remain in your account to try again in the future.

We require minimum of 4 participants to run the workshop, if the workshop is cancelled you will receive an email notifying of the situation up to two hours prior to the Workshop start time. Before heading down to the studio, please check your email to ensure you have not received a cancellation notification.

If there is space to book, you will see a Book button. If the Workshop is full, but there is the option to Waitlist, you will see a Waitlist button. If the Waitlist is full, you will not see any button.

Please ensure you are around the week+ after your Workshop to pick up your pieces. You will not receive an email to let you know when your work is fired. Through the Holidays there will be no extensions on Toss Dates. You may view the Pick Up Schedule here.

If you find your work on the Reject Shelf, please read the sign to discern why your items were rejected. You may fix the concern and place it back on the shelf to be fired.

Please ensure that you have collected all your work PRIOR to booking, as there is no time allocated in the Workshop for you to find your work. Please see the pickup link listed below. There is more info in the listing for the Workshop, as well as the confirmation email. You MUST be on time for if you miss the demo you will not be allowed to glaze. Please read the instructions carefully while booking.

The Glazing Workshops are an hour long so that you may glaze a few pieces and see the results- before committing all your hard work and dedication to something you may potentially not like (or all your pieces end up with glazing mishaps!) This is so essential for the learning process. If you glaze everything and have done something you don't like, or achieved negative results it's impossible to fix once it’s been fired. The hour allows you to begin to develop your glazing skills without the commitment. As you develop your skills, you will be able to easily glaze many more pieces, I’ve seen up to 20! Take advantage of the instructors experience & knowledge and ask LOTS of questions. We are here to support you! 

Tip: Start simple! Glaze with one colour, and do a ¾ dip.

Tip: Once you have attended 4-6 Glazing Workshops and you feel confident to glaze on your own, you may attend another Glazing Workshop, and at the beginning ask the Instructor to “Check Out.” They will keep an eye on you to ensure safe material handling, good decision making (not rushing through things etc.) and technical ability. You must also be in good standing with the studio (ie- have a good understanding about how/why we operate and are up to date with emails.) The Instructor will give you feedback on things to work on if you are not ready. Once the Instructor and Gabrielle have had a chance to discuss how things went and your standing with the Studio, you will receive instructions on how to move forward.