Speckle Fruit Bowl
Speckle Fruit Bowl

Speckle Fruit Bowl

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I created this Fruit Bowl because avocados are freaking expensive. As fruit ripens, it releases a gas that will actually quicken the process (if you want to ripen an Avo overnight, put it in a paper bag -better yet with a ripe banana.) The cut outs allow airflow through the bowl, keeping your produce fresher, longer.

This item is made with recycled clay, and customized with a speckle added! The amount of speckles vary per batch. The Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Granite are a rich & creamy satin matte, and the Jade is brilliantly glossy. As always, I recommend hand washing and drying, however -upon your own discretion- these items may be placed in the dishwasher with care.

Item may differ slightly from photo, if you'd like to choose yours please email!

Lovingly made by hand in Vancouver, BC.


item ships in 1-5 business days.




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