Mindbody Account Set Up


For information on making bookings, please click here.

Account Information

There are 3 different ways to use Mindbody:

I do not recommend using Mindbody's own website (mindbody.com) as it is not the best user experience.

Download Mindbody on your Phone

  • When looking for Mindbody on the App Store, please ensure it looks like the following:


  • Do NOT download Mindbody Business.
  • If you are a Student: sign in/create an account using the email you used to purchase your Class
  • If you are a new Member: sign in/create and account with the email you use to correspond with us
  • Please confirm the address you used is correct, and does not accidentally include any unwanted characters such as ".-" If you included this it may mean you will still receive emails from us, but it will prevent you from accessing your account.
  • If you previously have a Mindbody account, please confirm you did not sign in using a third party app, ie. facebook, apple id etc. This will prevent you from accessing your account. 
  • If you have issues signing in, you may try resetting your password. If this does not work I recommend calling Mindbody Support.
      • Monday - Sunday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm ET
      • Mindbody Phone Number: 1-877-755-4279
  • You may also email us studio@communityclay.ca to confirm your account

Finding Community Clay on the App

  • Once it is downloaded, tap 'Search' at the bottom.
  • Type in Community Clay

Creating an Account using our Branded website

  • You will then be prompted to verify your account. Once your account has been verified, you will be requested to update your account information. 

Updating your Payment Information for Membership

Please update following the Instructions below so that we may process your Membership. You will need to use this in case your credit card expires or have a new payment method. Even if you have previously booked on Mind Body for other businesses, due to privacy reasons the information does not automatically transfer to our booking site. If you use the app, your info will also not automatically update to our business's side of Mindbody. 

  • From a desktop computer please click here to update your billing information. 
  • You may get to the page below by signing in, click on 'My Info' and scrolling down to Billing Information.' 
  • Once your Billing Information is added please email me to let me know your account is set up, and I will add permissions to book Drop In's, and if applicable process your Membership.
  • For updating credit cards:
    • I recommend deleting unwanted credit cards, before adding new ones.
    • If your card expires, please delete the card, and then re-add the same card number with the new expiration date.