Please confirm your availability for you booking prior to completing the purchase as your payment will go through immediately. If you cancel a booking, the payment will be credited back to your account to use for a booking of the same type at a later date. 

If there is space to book, you will see a Book button. If the Drop In is full, but there is the option to Waitlist, you will see a Waitlist button. If the Waitlist is full, you will not see any button. Please note that you will be able to use your credits to book within the current billing cycle, ie- November credits November 1-30.

You do not need a booking to move your work, you must use the Pick Up Schedule available here. If you arrive outside these times the door will be locked.

If you find your work on the Reject Shelf, please read the sign to discern why your items were rejected. You may fix the concern and place it back on the shelf to be fired.

Creating an Account

For Members & Students of Community Clay: after these steps are completed please email the studio you account may be given permissions to book Drop In's, or process your Membership. From a laptop, or desktop computer please click here to access to our Booking Page on MindBody. This will not work from the app, or a browser on your phone.

Please click the button to create an account. If you already have an account on the MindBody host site, using the same name and email address will link the accounts.

You may also click here for instructions on how to add our business to 'Places You Go'

You will then be prompted to verify your account. Once your account has been verified, you will be requested to update your account information. 

Updating your Account Information

If you had a host MindBody account, your info will not automatically update to our business's page. Please update so that we may process your Membership. 

Click here for the link to update your Account.

Please update your billing information. Even if you have previously booked on Mind Body for other businesses, due to privacy reasons the information does not automatically transfer to our booking site.

From a desktop computer please click here to update your billing information. You may get to the page below by signing in, click on 'My Info' and scrolling down to Billing Information.' Once your Billing Information is added please email me to let me know your account is set up, and I will add permissions to book Drop In's, and if applicable process your Membership.


Creating a Booking

MindBody has recently migrated their software to a new system, which has caused some bugs if you attempt to make bookings or manage your schedule from our booking page (this link.) I recommend instead to use the app :) You may click the button below to download. Please add your billing info to the app under 'Wallet' in order to make purchases (Glaze Workshops, single Drop In's etc.)

If you have created bookings on our booking site, you may have encountered the 'Sad Robot' at the confirmation page. Your booking most likely went through, please check 'My Info' and 'My Schedule' to confirm. Untill the bug is fixed, you will likely not be able to cancel any bookings from this page. Please use the app.

Please note that payments will not be refunded, if you cancel outside of the 24 hour window your account will be credited with the Drop In (or glazing workshop) for you to use in the future. There are no refunds for no-shows, illness or accidental bookings, no exceptions. Please confirm your booking after processing to ensure your dates are correct. We currently do not have a budget to make exceptions, if this is something you want, the budget may be revisited and membership prices will increase.

Navigate to schedule.


Select the booking you wish complete. Click the 'Pay with' button if you wish to change your payment method (ie. if you have comp'd Drop In's.)

Choose your payment method.

Congratulations, you're booked! After booking, always go to 'Profile' to confirm your booking.

Cancel a Booking

Please note that payments will not be refunded, if you cancel outside of the 24 hour window your account will be credited with the Drop In (or glazing workshop) for you to use in the future. From the app on your phone, Click 'Profile' and navigate to 'Schedule'

Press 'Cancel' and confirm 'Cancel Booking'

Finding Community Clay on the App

From the app on your phone, tap 'Search' at the bottom. Type in Community Clay, ensure that you have selected 'Business' and not 'Classes' Tap on our Business. 

Tap the heart to add to your Favourites! Now you can easily navigate to us to make your bookings :) 

How to see your Membership & Account Credits

From the app on your phone, tap 'Profile' and navigate to 'Passes.' Unused will read as 1/1, 3/3 etc. If it says 2/3, this means 2 of 3 passes are left remaining.