Cleaning Procedure

Clean Up Procedure

Clean up begins 30 minutes before the Drop In / Class end time:

  • 10am Drop In: Clean up 12:30-1pm
  • 11am Drop In: Clean up 1:30-2pm
  • 2pm Drop In: Clean up 4:30-5pm
  • 6pm Drop In: Clean up 8:30-9pm

. The Clean up Procedure should happen in this order:

  1. Wash down your tools, splash pans and wheels at your Wheel, into your throwing bowl.
  2. The Sediment Buckets (two!) are in front of the sink to pour out your throwing water into. There is a sign in front of the Buckets. The idea is that the sediment will settle to the bottom( instead of in the pipes.) If the Bucket is full, please let the Supervisor know.
  3. Scrape the sediment from the bottom of your Throwing Bowl into the bottom into the small Garbage Clay Bowl on the stool. 
  4. Rinse your Throwing Bowl in the Bucket in the sink. If you're using white clay your wheel and splash pans will be fine without a final rinse. You may also rinse any of your own tools in this Bucket as well. Please do not overflow this bucket!
    1. Nothing should be rinsed under running water in the sink, this is clogging the drains. The idea of the buckets is to catch all the sediment.
    2. If you're using dark clays, you may rinse your splashpans into the bucket in the sink.

Please do not wait in line at the sink. If there is one person waiting, and you are the second put your items down on your wheel and complete another task. This will help everyone get out on time.

Please avoid getting additional bowls of water for cleaning, as this fills the sediment Buckets quickly. Your water should be fine, unless you can not squeeze your sponge. If you can not squeeze your sponge you may get an additional bowl for cleaning- or share someone else's water for cleaning :) 

Tip: wipe down your splashpans after you throw each piece, this helps prevent the sticky sediment from building up, and makes cleaning up at the end a lot faster & easier. This also helps prevent the splashpans from leaking & dripping on the floor.

General Cleaning duties for every Drop In / Class:

  1. You are required to SWEEP your areas including the space at the table and around your wheel.
    1. When sweeping do not flick the broom, drag the broom across the floor to avoid making dustclouds. We suggest wearing a mask during clean up.
  2. You are required to MOP  your areas including the space at the table and around your wheel.
  3. You are required to complete the “Student Check-Out List” prior to leaving
    1. Please complete 1-2 (depending on size of task) tasks to help keep the Studio clean. The most important thing is the Floor. Please SWEEP before MOPPING. Our expectation is that the entire Drop In area (aka Main Studio room) will get swept and mopped every Drop In. The Classroom should get swept & mopped by Students everyone Class. If the Drop In is empty, Students are required to clean all walkways.

Please do not brush clay crumbs onto the floor, this is a hazard as it gets tracked around the Studio and creates dust. Make little piles and put them in your throwing bowl, the garbage clay bowl, or the garbage.

The tables and wheels are allowed to be a little streaky, the next person that comes in will get it dirty immediately anyways. Steaks are fine: clumps of clay are not.

Please change the mop water as soon as it get's cloudy, or after 2-3 people. When cleaning the mop, please ensure you are stepping on the pedal at least 3x, otherwise there will be too much water in the mop and the floors will be streaky. Please clean the mop before and after use. Mop water should be poured ***through the sieve*** in the right hand sink.


Students & Members must check in with their Instructor/Supervisor prior to leaving. If the Studio is not up the cleanliness standards, you will be asked to further assist with cleaning by taking on another task, this helps Instructors with their clean up procedures, and enables classmates to work as a team in order to keep the Studio clean, and safe. 

You must exit the Studio by the Drop In end time (ie. 1pm, 5pm, 9pm.) Please use the washroom (if you need to); get your belongings etc; and check out with the Instructor before the end time. If you are late there may be a late fee charged on your Mindbody account, and repeated lateness may put your Membership under review.

Thank you!!!