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Community Clay is about curating your life. It’s about redefining living. The objects that surround us impact our understanding of our lives. Calling into question everything we own. How do you design your life?
“I have curated a beautiful life for myself doing things that I love; surrounded by beautiful people;  creating things that I love for people that understand. I love that people have an intimate relationship with the objects. They pick them up and fondle them. They allow that mug to touch their lips as they sip on their morning coffee//tea everyday. The objects are thoughtful, they have meaning.” 


Gabrielle Burke

Studio founder and CEO Gabrielle develops goals, direction and operations for the studio; designs product lines & leads the production team; and occasionally teaches Classes & Workshops.
Gabrielle first found clay in 2004 where she explored the medium in a self directed practice. She graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2011. Gabrielle founded Community Clay (formerly g ceramic & co.) as she was enamoured by the way ceramic objects habitat in our daily lives. For her it is amazing how people rely on objects such as mugs and bowls and have an interpersonal relationship with them.
Gabrielle works with all types of clays at a range of temperatures. She loves creating custom lighting & lighting installations, as well as large vases and bowls. She works efficiently, minimizing effort for maximum results. Gabrielle believes that understanding the fundamentals of throwing is essential;
"when you truly understand what's going on between your finger tips you can sit down and make anything: all you need is a sponge, a wire cutter and a pin tool. If you're fighting the clay, let go. Cut if off the wheel and move on. You will learn more from making the next piece, instead of spending that time fighting with the clay. When you are conscious of how to move the clay efficiently, you will also intuitively know how to fix it."
As an instructor she specializes in identifying skills that are challenging students at all levels enabling them to push their practise and grow as an artist. Skills: beginner - intermediate, plates, bowls, handles, large forms.
"Gabrielle is a great hands on teacher who is clear with her explanations. I had an awesome experience and definitely improved my technique during the course of my classes." -Christopher
" I always enjoy my Gabrielle time."
" I loved it! I took a one off workshop with Gabrielle in February thinking that would be I'm wrapping up my 3rd consecutive 6 week class."

Mitra Mahmoodi

Mitra Mahmoodi is a full-time studio potter and ceramic sculptor based in Vancouver. Her functional and sculptural works are informed by an investigation of her Middle Eastern and Islamic heritage and ongoing engagement with the landscape, architecture, languages, and wisdom of that part of the world.

She began working with clay in her late twenties at a Community Centre. Very quickly Mitra became so enamoured with the medium that she quit her career in Economics // Commence to pursue life as a Ceramic Artist. Mitra received her diploma in Ceramic Design from the University of Arts London, Uk, and her BFA from Emily Carr University of Arts and Design in 2021. For more than 5 years now, she has been instructing hand building and wheel throwing, as well as working as a studio technician.

“Teaching ceramics was another step in my growth as a ceramist for
sure. Having taught some of my students from the basics of pottery to the
point at which they could throw good quality pots on the wheel has been
very rewarding.”

Mitra’s work has been exhibited at group shows at Richmond Art Centre; Centre A; Medalta in Medicine Hat, Alberta; the Pangolin London; Ceramic Art London; Central Saint Martins; and The Wedgwood Museum in the UK.

"Mitra is wonderful. I like the pace and ability for all students to tackle what they are passionate about."

"I love Mitra’s style of teaching. She’s encouraging and very clear with her instructions."

"Good class experience! Mitra is a great instructor and I learned a lot from her!"



Myriam Duchesne

Myriam Duchesne is a ceramic artist living and working in Vancouver BC. She first fell in love with clay while completing her BFA at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.

Myriam is infatuated with the process and tactility of making things out of clay. Her focus is primarily on creating functional pieces; objects designed for interaction and integration into our spaces and routines. She believes that there is a warmth to handmade objects. That objects created with intention carry the weight and thought that went into making them. 

Myriam is also passionate about sharing her knowledge and love of making and has been working as an instructor since 2011. She loves nothing more than introducing people to the wonders of working with clay. She always strives to meet her students where they are, while providing them the tools to grow their skills and explore their creativity. 


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