Student & Member Pick Up

If you would like to check on your work -cover/uncover, move your items to/from the shelves to be fired- you are welcome to stop by with the following schedule.

  • Please be advised that the door is locked at the class start time, so please do not attempt to gain access if the door is locked.
    • If you knock or try to gain access you will be disrupting the class. Students and the Instructor find this very frustrating and inconsiderate. 
    • If you come early you will either be disrupting a staff break, or asking someone to help you on their free time. We work really hard, so please be empathetic that we are all trying to create healthy balance in our lives.
  • You do not need to book a Pick Up, but please check in with the Instructor or Supervisor upon arrival and let them know your name. 


  • 6-630pm


  • 6-630pm


  • 6-630pm


  • 6-630pm


  • n/a


    • 11-130am
    • 230-3pm