Glaze Time

We schedule Glaze Time depending on how many firings we can schedule for the week, as we don’t want the glaze items to sit around for too long. This helps avoid the glaze on your pieces getting bumped, and confusion for you as to when you should pick up the work. 

Please note that all purchases are final, and will not be refunded so confirm your availability prior to booking. If you would like to waitlist, you will be purchasing a credit for a Glaze Time. If you don’t get into the one you waitlisted for, your credit will be on your account to try again in the future.

If there is space to book, you will see a Book button. If the slot is full, but there is the option to Waitlist, you will see a Waitlist button. If the Waitlist is full, you will not see any button. If you add yourself to multiple Waitlists and get in to one, please remove yourself from the others as you will be also charged for all other spots you get into (even if you do not attend.) If you have credits that expire, please email me and I will re-instate them for you.

Please ensure you are around the week+ after your Workshop to pick up your pieces. Through the Holidays there will be no extensions on Toss Dates. You may view the Pick Up Schedule here. Please check the pickup schedule prior to coming to the studio, to ensure you will be able to get into the studio. 

Mandatory Protocol for Glazing:

If you are requiring assistance with Glazing, please take another Glazing Workshop. Booking the Glazing Table is for those who can glaze on their own, without supervision or assistance. It’s expected that people take additional Workshops after checking out as their throwing skills progress, and they need to level up glazing skills to glaze bigger and more specific pieces. 


    1. Glazing Time is available for Members with active Memberships.
    2. Booking is required at all times, no exceptions.
    3. Please check in with the Supervisor and let them know you are glazing.
    4. You may glaze on the metal table in the glazing area.
      1. No clay may be on the table.
      2. You may have 2 buckets open at a time, on opposite sides of the table. This avoids contamination of the glazes.
      3. If you want to use a different glaze, you must put a glaze back to switch them out.
    5. Please wipe down the table thoroughly to remove any clay debris prior to glazing.
      1. There is a blue cloth hanging on the glaze shelf, wet this and it will clean the table perfectly. Please rinse out the cloth when you are finished glazing.
      2. This is to ensure that the glazes do not get contaminated by any clay as materials may transfer from the bottom of your buckets into the glazing buckets.
      3. Ensure that you do not have clay on your hands when touching bisqueware, and you are not wearing clothes with clay as the microfine particles can cause the glaze to bubble (which will break and be sharp) and/or pinhole.
      4. Avoid touching your face & hair as the oils may get onto your bisqueware and prevent the glaze from adhering properly.
    6. Wareboards and sponges for glazing are left on top of the shelf. Using the wareboard will allow you to move easily around the glazes and to the shelf to be fired.
      1. You may use your wareboard to move around the table with your work, moving the buckets can lead to tools getting mixed up or the bucket spilling.
    7. Glazing tools must be placed on the lid of each respective glaze.
      1. Please do not put tools directly on the table.
      1. Do not fully dip your pieces. The studio glazes are too thick.
        1. No tongs permitted, no exceptions.
        2. Wax is only permitted for surface decoration purposes.
      2. When finished, Glaze must be squeegeed  back into the buckets with your hand or a spatula. After that please use the glaze rinse bucket.
        1. Failure to do so results in excess wasted glaze which is expensive and bad for the drain.
      3. If you mess up glazing, leave your pot to dry. When the glaze is dry, fill a throwing bowl with warm/hot water and submerge your piece.
        1. Don’t touch it for several minutes, and if it is undisturbed the glaze will simply melt off of the pot. 
        2. You can sponge off the rest of the glaze.
        3. Pour the water down the sink, and the glaze debris may go into the garbage clay bowl.
          1. This only works if the glaze is TOTALLY dry.
      4. All glazes made or purchased outside of the provided studio glazes need to be approved prior to use.
        1. You will need to test your glazes on test tiles/pieces and fire on a cookie. This is mandatory for all materials purchased outside of the studio.
          1. Like ovens, all kilns fire differently this is to prevent the glaze from running onto the shelf, and also any heartache as 70% of the time commercial glazes look nothing like the photos/samples.
      5. Ensure your glaze is not applied too thickly, or too close to the bottom as it may run and stick to the kiln shelves.
        1. Glazes should be a minimum of .5cm from the bottom of your pot.
          1. If you would like to have the glaze closer to the bottom you are required to have your item ready to be fired on a clay cookie.
        2. If your work sticks to the kiln shelves you may be charged $20-100 for shelf grinding and/or replacement.
      6. Items on the top glaze shelf have been rejected from firing. We reject items in order to allow you the opportunity to fix them prior to firing, as it is harder or sometimes impossible to fix. This reject shelf will be cleared out on the 1st of every month.
        1. Please address item(s) and put them back on the appropriate shelf to be fired.
        2. We reject pieces due to the following reasons:
          1. The glaze is applied too thickly
          2. There is glaze on the bottom and needs to be wiped off
          3. The piece has been knocked or bumped and glaze has fallen off
          4. You missed a spot while glazing.
          5. Cookie is not the correct size.
          6. Items were placed on the incorrect shelf.
  1. Your pieces will likely be fired within 1-3 business days of being glazed. It takes 2 days for the kiln to fire: if it is loaded on Monday 10am, it will be unloaded Wednesday at 10am. Currently we do not unload on weekends as we do not have a tech scheduled. You have one week from the date they are unloaded from the kiln to pick up.
      1. Do not put your items on the shelf if you are not around the 7-10 days after glazing as your work may be thrown out.
      2. Sometimes members/students put items back on the wrong shelf, so check all shelves if you can not find your work, even dates that may not apply to you. 
      3. It’s a good idea to check the shelves everytime you come in.
    1. Glazing Time is meant to glaze up to 2 wareboards, if you glaze more please pay for additional items.
    2. If Glazing Protocol is not followed, your access will be reassessed and may be revoked.