Glaze Time

Please note that Glaze Time pricing is under review, and pricing structure will most likely change in the future. Please pay careful attention when booking to ensure that you are using the correct credit ie- old credit for 90min must not be used for 120min Glaze Time. If you use the incorrect credit your booking will be cancelled. If you have remaining credits for old pay structure please send me an email.

We schedule Glaze Time depending on how many firings we can schedule for the week, as we don’t want the glaze items to sit around for too long. This helps avoid the glaze on your pieces getting bumped, and confusion for you as to when you should pick up the work. 

Please note that all purchases are final, and will not be refunded so confirm your availability prior to booking. If you would like to waitlist, you will be purchasing a credit for a Glaze Time. If you don’t get into the one you waitlisted for, your credit will be on your account to try again in the future.